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Information to gather before a Social Security Disability appeal

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits |

Many Social Security Disability applicants don’t get the benefits they’re seeking on their first try. Sometimes, the first submission gets denied. If this happens to you, you can submit an appeal. Although there’s never a guaranteed result, many applicants have achieved success through the Social Security Disability appeals process.

Here is the information you’ll want to gather to prepare for your appeal:

Medical records: Gather the names, addresses and contact information for your doctors, hospitals and treatment centers. You’ll also want to gather all records and payment receipts for treatments, procedures and tests. Gather as many pieces of information to back up your claims as possible.

Diagnoses: If your doctor has provided a formal, written diagnosis, make sure to have this on hand as well. If you do not have a formal diagnosis, consider visiting a specialist who can evaluate your situation and provide you with one.

List of medications: Make a list of all the medications you’re taking and/or have taken for your condition. Record the amounts, quantities and frequency taken.

Test results: Gather all of your test results and organize them in one place.

Social Security Disability applicants can appeal their decisions online. Once you’ve done that, the Social Security Administration will contact you if they have questions or updates. This entire process can be completed without the assistance of an attorney. However, if you’re serious about your disability award, an attorney may be able to provide useful guidance and tips while handling the appeals process for you. If you’d like help with your disability appeal, our law firm is available to discuss your situation.