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When can you apply for Social Security Disability?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits |

If you are disabled, one of the things that you should apply for is Social Security Disability (SSD). Social Security Disability benefits provide you with an income when you cannot work due to an injury that you have suffered.

Many people who end up on Social Security Disability have a history of working. That is because the Social Security Administration (SSA) requires you to meet requirements before you can receive benefits. One of those requirements is that you have a work history that supports your right to receive benefits. You must have paid into the Social Security program to obtain SSD (excluding very few exceptions).

How long do you have to work before you can qualify for SSD benefits?

Typically, you will need 40 work credits in all, with 20 work credits earned within the last 10 years, to qualify for SSD. Younger workers may qualify with fewer credits since they will not have a work history that is long enough to collect 40 credits yet.

The Social Security Administration will consider you disabled only if they decide that you cannot adjust to new work due to a medical condition. They will also need to see that you can no longer do work that you did before. Additionally, those who have a terminal diagnosis or a disability that lasts longer than one year may qualify for SSD. Your attorney can help you fill out the paperwork to apply for SSD if you meet the basic requirements to file for this disability coverage, so you can get the benefits you need quickly.