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Common reasons SSD claims are denied

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Social Security Disability Benefits |

Suffering from a disability is anything but easy. Every day, individuals in California and elsewhere face struggles due to a disability. As a means to address these difficulties, Social Security Disability benefits are available. However, in order to secure these benefits, one must be eligible and apply for them. Unfortunately, many of these claims are initially denied, making it important to also consider the appeals process.

Denied SSD claim

Disability claims get denied all the time; however, understanding why they get denied can put an individual in a better position when filing their initial claim. Roughly two-thirds of initial applications are denied. Many credible claims get denied due to errors or insufficient evidence. Therefore, it is important to note that a denial is not the end of the road for those seeking SSD benefits.

Common reasons

By gaining a better understanding of the common reasons disability claims get denied, one can make a better assessment on whether they should file an appeal or not. One common reason for denial is that one’s disability is based on drug or alcohol abuse. While the Social Security administration approves benefits for those suffering from physical or mental impairments as a result of past drug or alcohol abuse, they do not provide benefits for individual who would not be considered disabled if the substance in question was removed from the picture.

Other reasons include earning too much money with regards to substantial gainful activity, the disability will last for less than a year, the orders by the medical providers were not followed, the SSA office is unable to contact the applicant or the disability is linked to a criminal conviction. Finally, one could be denied benefits if they did not properly follow the directions for filing a claim or the applicant did not supply sufficient treatment records. Depending on the reason for denial, it may be possible to appeal the decision and gain approval for benefits.

More often than not, SSD claims are denied. This does not mean one is not eligible or will not receive these benefits; however, it could mean that the information was incomplete or additional evidence is needed to prove disability. As such, seeking an appeal after a denial is a promising and important step to take, as it could allow one to secure the disability benefits he or she desperately needs.