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How the compassionate allowances list helps with disability claims

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Social Security Disability Benefits |

Disability benefits can be much-needed benefits but can also be difficult to obtain. The process can be complex and time consuming and many claims are initially denied. For that reason, applicants for disability benefits should be familiar with ways to speed up the application process and one option that may help do that is the compassionate allowances list.

What is the compassionate allowances list and how may it help?

The compassionate allowances list is a list of medical conditions maintained by the Social Security Administration. The medical conditions on the list are considered severe enough that they meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

The primary benefit of the compassionate allowances list is that it can expedite a claim for disability benefits. Compassionate allowances are used as a way to quickly identify diseases that qualify for Social Security disability benefits. If the applicant for disability benefits is applying for disability benefits because they suffer from a medical condition on the compassionate allowances list that prevents them from being able to work, they may receive expedited processing of their claim.

The compassionate allowances list includes certain cancers, adult brain disorders and a number of rare disorders that impacts children. It is also updated so additional medical conditions may be added. In general, the compassionate allowances list can help reduce waiting times for applicants for disability who are suffering with the most serious medical conditions and disabilities.

Social Security disability benefits can be important for the survival of disabled individuals struggling to get by. Because of this, it is helpful to familiar with options that may expedite the claims process.