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Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Social Security Disability Benefits |

People who suffer from mental disabilities may not realize that they are entitled to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. These conditions can negatively affect their daily lives and their ability to earn a living.

There are several types of disorders that may qualify for benefits. These include neurocognitive conditions, intellectual disorders, anxiety, trauma and stress related conditions and others.

Qualifying conditions

Neurocognitive disorders may include memory problems, language and speech difficulties, dementia, brain tumors and diseases caused by traumatic brain injuries. If a person has below average intellectual functioning or poor social or practical skills, that may be evidence of an intellectual disorder. Both conditions may qualify the applicant to receive benefits.

Many people suffer from anxiety and may not know that condition is also recognized by Social Security. It may occur where the person has difficulty concentrating, has excessive worry or panic attacks. Trauma and stress conditions may also qualify for benefits and include flashbacks and loss of interest in significant activities.


Social Security requires the applicant to provide evidence to support his or her condition. This may include medical records from a physician or mental health professional, including prescriptions, medical history, the results of mental status exams and other information. This is to help Social Security understand how the condition affects the person’s ability to function in a work environment.

These types of claims can be complex, but can be successful with the right support. An experienced attorney can provide guidance and advice about filing a claim.