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Working while receiving SSDI

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Social Security Disability Benefits |

When you receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, there is a myth that there is an absolute bar from working. However, at some point, you may be able to transition back to work, or at least want to try. This is where the Ticket to Work program can help Whittier, California, residents receiving SSDI.

Are you ready to work?

If the answer is yes or maybe, it may be time to begin your journey back into the workforce. Returning to the workforce can provide you with greater financial independence and empower your own independence. However, chances are, you do not know where to start, which is why the Social Security Administration created the Ticket to Work Program.

Ticket to Work Program

The SSA’s Ticket to Work Program is a voluntary program for those receiving benefits between the ages of 18 and 64. While in this program, if you are progressing toward your employment goal, the SSA will not review your disability. This means that you can continue to get your benefits, including cash and health care benefits. And, if you end up not being able to return to the workforce, there is a path back as well.

Trial period

The Ticket to Work Program has a 9-month Trial Work Period where you continue to receive your benefits. If you earn enough that your payments stop after that 9-month period, you will have access to your Medicare benefits for at least 93 months. However, the exact requirements vary based on your state.

Medical reviews

As long as you maintain program requirements, you will not be subject to an Ontario, California, medical review. Participating in the Ticket to Work Program does not mean you will automatically receive a medical review. However, if you already have a scheduled review, the Ticket to Work Program will not stop that Continuing Disability Review.


While the program may sound straightforward, in practice, it can be complicated. This is why many work with their Orange, California, SSDI attorneys before using any SSA program.