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When do I get my SSI?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Supplemental Security Income |

Receiving money from the Social Security Administration is a lifeline for a plethora of reasons, regardless of why you receive it. It is your money, and you need it. And, for those receiving Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance, you likely have heard about your boosted checks. But, many are wondering when they can expect their new North Hollywood, California, boosted checks.

Check timeline

You should have received your Ontario, California, check at the beginning of this month (February), and the last one on at the end of December. Checks are normally sent at the beginning of the month, except for holidays and weekends when you may get them at the end of the month.

Specifically, your next Orange, California, check will come at the beginning and end of March, and then the beginning of May. Then, the beginning and end of June, followed by the beginning of August. Finally, you will receive your boosted checks at the beginning and end of September, followed by checks at the beginning of November and December.

Cost-of-living adjustment

The cost-of-living-adjustment, known as the COLA, was upped to 8.7% this year, with the max benefit of $914 (up from $841). However, most other states (33) added a state supplement to that payment. SSI increased by $73 a month, while Social Security increased by $144.10.

How many people will receive these new benefits?

For SSI recipients, the boosted benefits will help 7 million people. For Social Security recipients, the boosted benefits will help 65 million United States citizens. If you have not received your Whittier, California, check, be sure to contact the Social Security Administration immediately, and if needed, you can always reach out to a Social Security attorney to fight for your benefits.