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Appealing an SSDI or SSI Case in Federal Court

If your initial application, reconsideration, hearing and appeal with the Social Security Appeals Council did not get you the disability benefits you need, you can turn to the United States’ justice system and bring an appeal in federal court.

The attorneys at Leland Law in Whittier are experienced and dedicated Social Security Disability lawyers who focus their practice on helping individuals with disabilities find financial relief. Contact a law firm that opened its doors to SSDI/SSI clients in 1976 and has kept them open ever since.

When Should You Bring Your Disability Case to Federal Court?

We understand that, by this time, years have gone by and you are frustrated. Waiting even more time to get through the federal court appeals process may seem like another futile step. Our California Social Security appeals attorneys will discuss this option with you and your chances of winning.

We file federal court cases whenever we feel that there is a good likelihood of winning the case at that level. Ordinarily, the court charges a several hundred dollar filing fee to file the complaint. However, we are able to request that the court waive the filing fee in most cases.

At times, we are able to get the U.S. Attorney to agree to a remand of the case for additional action by the administrative law judge (ALJ). At other times, we will argue the case fully before the federal court.

SSDI Federal Court Appeals Process

The process in federal district court is slow. We must submit a brief in support of our client’s claim. The U.S. Attorney then will submit a brief opposing our claim. Depending on the case, we may or may not file a reply brief.

If we are unsuccessful in U.S. District Court, we have the option of filing an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Our lawyers have handled innumerable federal social security claims in the federal courts.

Free Attorney Consultation – No Fees Unless We Win

There are no consultation fees and we charge no attorney’s fee unless we help you obtain benefits. In federal court, if we are the “prevailing party,” we can even request that the government pay some of the attorneys’ fees for the time spent in federal court.

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